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50 games for couples and guests in an Indian wedding

Well, if someone would ask me to choose any specific wedding theme, my answer would be the “Indian wedding theme”.

But WHY?

Because Indian weddings are so much fun, so many different ceremonies and games come up together to make it a complete Indian wedding.

Ever played any Indian game?

If not, you are missing a big piece of delicious cake in your life. Indian weddings are not just fun from ancient times they are well known for testing the bond between the groom and the bride. 

No Indian wedding is complete without these exciting and entertaining games, not just the bride and groom enjoy these games but each member of the family does.

So, here I have 50 fun Indian wedding games for you, I have seen people enjoying these games at many weddings and I think these are the best pick.

1. Beer Pong:

Most of you might have heard of this game called beer pong. If you like games including drinking competition this is the perfect game for you.


  1. 20 plastic cups filled with beer/water

2. Tennis balls

3. A table (usually 8ft long)

Beer Pong game for Indian 

How to play:

Arrange the plastic cups into a 10 cup triangle at each end of the table.

Divide your guests into a team of 2(the groom’s side and the bride’s side). Each team gets to throw one ball per turn.

If the ball lands into the cup, that cup is removed and the opposing team will have to drink the contents of the cup. The team that has maximum cups left wins.

2. Find the Ring/Fish the Ring

This is a fun game played between the bride and the groom after the bride’s “Grah Pravesh” (bride’s home entry).

How to play?

In this ritual, the groom’s sister will hide a ring in a deep bowl filled with water, milk, and flowers.

Then both the bride and the groom will try to find the ring using one hand each. Whosoever finds the rings first is announced as the winner.

This is not just a game, elders believe that the one who finds the ring first will have an upper hand in the marriage.

And if both find the ring at the same time, then it is believed there will be a sense of understanding, companionship between the couple.

3. Identify your Bride

This game is especially for the groom. In this game, the groom is blindfolded and is asked to identify his bride among various girls by touching their hands.

If the groom guesses his wife he is awarded but if he fails to do so he has to perform a punishment.

4. Untying the Knot

This is a game performed between couples to test their understanding and coordination. In this game, one of the bridesmaids has to tie one hand of the bride and the groom with a thread having multiple knots.

Then the couple is asked to untie the knots using their free hand. The faster they can do it the better is their coordination.

5. Walk Around With Gifts 

In this game, the bride is asked to accept gifts given to her buy her new family.

She has to hold the maximum number of gifts in her chunni and walk a bit. This game symbolizes that the bride is resourceful for the new family.

6. Spot the Name

Mehendi is a beautiful wedding tradition in India. In this game, the bride hides her husband’s name or his initials in her Mehendi design.

After the wedding is over the groom is asked to find his name before he is allowed to sleep. In ancient times this game was considered as a way to initiate physical contact between the newlyweds.

7. Lip Reading

This is a fun game to test understanding between the couple.

In this game, one of the players puts on headphones with music playing at a volume high enough that they can’t hear anything and the other player speaks random phrases like “do you want some cheese?”.

The one with headphones tries to interpret the phrases. This will be fun not only for the players but also for the audience listening to the wrong interpretation.

8. Marriage advice

In this activity, you can have a colorful corner set up with pens, papers, and jars where the guests can write their wishes/advice for the newlyweds.

This will not only keep your guests engaged in something interesting but will also lend the couple some useful and funny advice.

9. Wish Tree

This activity can be an alternative to the above game. Set a tree in a corner where the guests can hang their wishes for the couple.

To make this more memorable decorate the tree with some pictures of the couple.

10. Couple Trivia

This is a game to know how well your guest knows the couple to be. Create a set of questions related to the couple and distribute them among the guests.

And ask them to write their answers. The one who gives maximum right answers wins the prize.

The answers will be an everlasting memory for the couple.

11. That belongs to my Wife

This is a game for all the married couples.

Ask the ladies to give some of their personnel belongings and arrange them on a table.

Then call the husbands and ask them to pick the objects that belong to their wife. the one who knows his wife better will win the game.

12. The Shoe Game

This is a special game for the bride and the groom to know how well they know each other.

Ask the bride and the groom to sit on a chair facing each other back. They have to exchange their shoes so both of them are holding one of the other’s pairs.

Ask those questions whose answer will be either ‘bride’ or ‘groom’. For eg-if, the answer is the bride will raise the bride’s shoe.

If both raise the same shoe they get a point. To make this game more fun prepare a list of funny and embarrassing questions.

13. Guess the Family Member

At a wedding, the couple barely knows their new family. So this will not just be fun but will also help them know each other’s family.

Project some childhood or teenage photographs of a family member and ask the couple to identify them. If the member is from the groom’s family the bride will try to identify the picture.

This will be more fun when you attach some funny description ar event with the photograph.

14. Romantic Rhymes

This is a cute game that can be played by any married couple. It is a common wedding game in Maharashtra. The bride is asked to fix her husband’s name in a two-line poem.

You can also ask the groom to the same. The poem can be like:” four plus five is nine ______ is mine”.

15. Treasure Hunt

We have all played this game as a kid but playing it at a wedding makes it more thrilling. Indian marriage venue is usually spread over a large area so that will be a perfect place for this game.

Hide presents at some hidden places and asks the participants to trace them using the given clues. You can also give some exciting prizes like a two-day free trip.

16. Two Truth and a Lie

This game is a great way of introducing guests to each other. To play this game, distribute game cards to each guest and ask them to write 3 statements among which 1 should be a lie.

After everyone has finished writing each of them will stand up and read the 3 sentences. The remaining will have to identify the wrong statement.

For a twist, you can ask the guests to write 3 statements about the bride and the groom.

17. Eating Competition

Indian weddings are all about delicious food. And what can be better than an eating competition between the bride’s side and the groom’s side?

Choose any item like Gulab Jamun, golgappa and the battle begin.

18. Koachitu purathu

This is a south Indian wedding game that introduces the groom to the bride’s family. In this game, the groom goes to a corner and pretends to be angry with the bride.

He pretends to sleep on his friend’s lap and covers himself with his ‘angavastaram’. His jewellery is then distributed among his friends while all other relatives criticize the actions of the bride and groom.

The bride with her friends then goes to convince the groom by offering him items like a mirror, comb, and juice.

The bride will hand these items to the groom one by one and will then take all the groom’s jewellery back from his friends and put them back on the groom.

She will then tie the ‘angavastaram’ to her saree and take the groom back.

19. Paper Dance

This is one of the most romantic game for a couple.

Ask every pair including the bride and the groom to stand on a piece of paper that is folded after every song. The couple which stays longest on the paper wins the game.

20. Tug of War

This game will get everyone in a competitive mood.

Get the bride’s side and the groom’s side to take their positions and start the tug of war.

21. Cricket Match 

Playing a cricket match is becoming a trend and so much so that even Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were seen playing this game on their Mehendi.

Divide your guests into a team of two and start your game. You can also arrange personalized caps, tees for your teams.

22. Kite Flying

Everyone loves to fly kites.

Your guests can give a tough competition to each other as they race their kites and cut the other kites down.

23. Freeze Frame

For this game call your guests on the dance floor and let them dance. Pause the music midway and ask them to freeze in the exact position.

The one who maintains his/her position for the longest time wins the game. This will also make some crazy and memorable wedding pictures.

24. Tic Tac Toe

It’s a simple and fun game to be played at your wedding.

Also, an extra-large version will add a twist to the game. You can also replace the cross and the zero with the couple’s initials or their photo to add a personalized touch.

25. Tarot Card

Having a Jyotish with a parrot at your wedding will be a great way to keep your guests occupied in something interesting.

26. Dance Off

Indian sangeet is all about showing your moves. So why not convert it into a face-off between the bride’s side and the groom’s side?

You can also provide whistles (seetis) to your guests to cheer up their favourite team. This will make your sangeet a night full of fun.

27. Volleyball

If your wedding venue is a large open space or is near a beach you can organize a volleyball between the two sides.

You can also add some punishment for the losing team and gifts for the winning team. Include pool volleyball if you are at a beach.

28. Stand up and Sit down 

This game simply involves a host to ask questions to the guests.

The ones agreeing to the statement have to stand up and the rest have to sit. You can have some embarrassing questions related to the couple.

29. Name the Tune

Ask your DJ to play a short portion of the song and then the guests will have to identify the song.

Vary the songs throughout generations so that everyone can have fun.

30. Musical Chair

A great way to keep the kids involved is to engage them in a game of musical chairs.

Don’t forget to keep gifts for the winner.

31. Saree Wearing Competition

Women often wear saree but wouldn’t it be fun to watch a man wearing it that too in front of the entire family?

Call some couples and ask the ladies to drape a saree around their husband. The one who finishes it fastest wins the game. Don’t forget to click some memorable photos.

32. Ring Toss

You all must have enjoyed this game at a fair. All you have to do is arrange some steel/cardboard rings and some goodies.

Ask your guests to test their aim by throwing the ring at a gift. If you can throw around a gift you win it. Simple! 

33. Memory Game

This is the game to test the family’s knowledge about the bride’s outfit. The bride is sent in a room and then the family members are asked to draw the outfit worn by the bride.

You can also perform this game for the groom’s outfit. The one who gets most item correct wins.

34. 20 Questions

This a game for the bride and the groom to know each other’s family well. The bride or the groom is asked 20 questions about the family and then the couple gets its turn to ask questions.

Remember it is a rapid-fire quiz so keep your questions ready in advance.

35. Chug Face-Off

A wedding without competition is so boring. So to make your wedding memorable call your alcohol loving friends on the floor and let them have a drinking competition.

If alcohol is a problem you can also have some colourful juices. The one who finishes the drinks faster wins the game.

36. Giant Snake N Ladder

We all have played snake n ladder as a child. But this time you will play it on a giant board.

Make a huge snake n ladder on the floor and let people take their turn to roll the dice and walk ahead. Kids at your wedding will love this giant snake n ladder.

37. Hula Hoop

Kids love hula hoop. You can arrange a hula hoop corner in your wedding garden for the children to have fun.

Not just kids but adults will also love it. Imagine how much fun it would be to watch chacha/bua hula hoop.

38. Antakshari

The Antakshari can never get out of fashion. Form two teams and get started with the singing competition.

Don’t forget to keep an exciting gift for the winning team.

39. Dil Ki Khoj

This is a game to be played in couples. Separate husbands and wives such that they are not able to see each other.

Then one by one wife has to call out ‘Mera Dil Kaha hai’. If the husband can recognize his wife’s voice he replies with ‘aapka Dil yaha h’.

This can be fun for the audience watching if a husband calls out to the wrong woman.

40. Cushion Passing

You all must have played this game with your friends as a kid. Play the music and pass the cushion.

The one who gets the cushion when the music stops will have to perform a task.

This is a perfect game when you have a close gathering of friends and family as your guests.

41. Wheel of Fun

This a perfect game for guests to interact with each other. For this game write some fun dares on a rotating wheel like: ‘sing a song’, ‘show us your moves’, ‘kiss your partner’.

Ask your guests to rotate the wheel and perform the task.

42. Lift Kara De

This is a traditional Indian wedding game for the bride where she tries to pick up everyone in her new family including the groom.

This is to test her physical strength.

43. Find the ring finger

This is a famous south Indian game in which the bride will confuse the groom by shuffling her fingers and the groom will have to identify the ring finger.

If the groom selects the wrong finger he will perform a punishment given by the bride.

44. Okhli

This is a south Indian game similar to find the ring.

In this game, the groom’s wedding ring is immersed in cold water while the bride and her brother have to search for it as it is moved in the water.

45. Giant Jenga

You must have played Jenga at a house party. But this wedding game is a bigger version of that.

Your Jenga blocks get bigger and the dares written on them get all the guests to know each other.

46. Photo Booth Contest

Everyone loves to click photos. Arrange a photo corner at your wedding venue and ask your guests to take photographs one at a time.

The winner will be the one who clicks the craziest photo.

47. Pop the Balloon

This is a famous game found in every Indian ‘mela’. Have a ‘pop the balloon’ stall at your wedding venue and also keep gifts for the winner.

Let the guests pop the balloon with the dart and win the game.

48. Guess the Ingredients

Everyone loves to eat but finding the ingredients in the food is a difficult task. Close the bride’s eyes and feed her a dish.

Then ask her to write down the ingredients used in the dish within 30 seconds. This will also reveal her cooking skills to the new family.

49. Thengai Uruturathu

This is a traditional Indian wedding game that is performed after the couple tied the knot. The bride and the groom sit opposite each other at a 10 feet distance.

The couple rolls the coconut to their partners and aims to break it in the midway. The couple is given 3 chances to break the coconut as it shows a positive sign of leading a happy life.

50. Dumb Charades

This would be a perfect game to be played at your reception night. This game can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

If you are good at guessing or acting then get into the game and have fun.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this article. If you have any other ideas do tell us in the comments section.

Also, tell us which of these games are you planning to play at your wedding.

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