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51 New Pre-Wedding photoshoot poses you cannot miss!

We don’t just marry someone, we make memories all along the way. Similarly, a photoshoot is all about creating memories which we might want to revive again and again as we grow older.

Also, before facing the camera on your special day the pre-wedding photoshoot will help you in building the confidence and removing the nervousness.

So, we got you some unique poses for the shoot which could help in making your Wedding album look more beautiful.

Without further adieu, let’s jump right in.

1. Hydrophilic

Playing around with water is always a great idea, you can try tons of poses to fill your album with sizzling photos.

pre wedding photoshoot in swimming pool
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Try colourful costumes, play with colours. You can also give it a rainy droplets touch, try unique shades of glasses to get a cool look.

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2. Capture the mountains

I’m from Himachal Pradesh (India), and I love mountains. They are such a right place for clicking pictures and enjoying with just nature and the location.


Snowy mountains can be an excellent idea; it would add up a touch of perfection to your photograph.

pre wedding photoshoot in mountains
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3. Bollywood Style

Bollywood style is ubiquitous and very popular when it comes to photoshoots. If you have that Bollywood, “Keeda” inside you, go for it.

pre wedding photoshoot DDLJ style
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From “DDLJ” to “Aashiqui” type movies, you’ll find tons of evergreen shots that you can recreate in your world.

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4. Forest lovers

Forests are always a centre of attraction for those who like peace and greenery all around. Feel the romantic atmosphere in the middle of the forest-covered with trees and hills.

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5. Pets

If you are a pet lover then it’s a great idea to have your pet in your pre-wedding shoot. You can try a bunch of things with your pets to make the pictures more unique.

6. A different world

Try around different virtual effects which can be created by using photoshop and stuff. You can think of some unique ideas by yourself.

7. Bicycle

Using a bicycle as a prop could be fun, you can try romantic poses, as well as some fun, poses using a bicycle.

8. Perfect Locations

Choosing perfect locations like Hawa Mahal in Jaipur or any other place can be a great idea, to save the budget you can ask your photographer to use a green screen for similar effects.

9. Perfect shot

Capturing the moments can be fun, some examples are shown below. You can think of some similar poses. Try to think something unique and romantic.

10. Bullet shots

If you’re a Bullet love then shots on you Bike ride can be a really nice idea. Try some poses using your Bike as a prop and have a fun ride.[/caption]

11. Vintage

Vintage look is a new entry in Pre-wedding shoot. You can also add some props like an old telephone or a gramophone.[/caption]

12. Jeep

If you love open jeep you can use it as a prop for your shoot.

13. The Perfect Night

Get your pre-wedding shoot along with a born fire. This will add an extra charm to your picture plus it will look romantic.

15. Faceless

By turning your attention to your hands and feet you can capture moments that you might otherwise miss

16. Umbrella

Umbrella can be a wonderful prop for your shoot. You can try fun as well as romantic poses under an umbrella.

17. Flowers

If you are a typical bollywood style couple, try out this extremely romantic idea for your photoshoot.

18. A Different Angle

Try out some different angles for the shoot.

19. Dark Side

In this shoot not noly the place looks pretty but can do so much to make your picture look perfect.

20. Save the Date

If your wedding date is decided give it attention by including it in your pre-wedding shoot for some lovely pictures.

21. Propose

Go dowm on your knees to propose your partner and get the lovely moment captured. It will not only make your shoot beautiful but also shoe your love.

22. Props

Cute little props can add a different beauty to your shoot. these can include some chalk art, colourful umbrella or some holi colours in the background .

23. Hand in Hand

Hold your partner’s hand and take a close up of your hands showing your engagement rings in focus.

24. Wood Villa

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25. Sneaking Window

Isn’t this a lovely idea for your wedding shoot?

26. Arms on Waist

Some lovely shots holding your love will be the perfect idea for your pre-wedding shoot

27. Animal Love

Include your favourite animals like horse, cats, dogs in for wedding shoot and show them your love.

28. Home Library

This one is especially for book lovers. Arrange some books and get clicked.

29. Chef

If you are a foodie then kitchen will be your perfect place. Cook and capture your lovely moments.

30. Collage

Get some fun shots clicked with your partner and frame them in a collage.

31. Look Back

Look back and pose for the perfect picture to be clicked

32. Perfect Lights

Lights can create a magical aura in the shoot. In this type of setup candid clicks look best.

33. Along the streets

Capture your happiness because you just found your friend for lifetime. Your bond will be enough to make your shoot memorable.

34. Instruments

Sing that melodious song of your love with your partner and make your love stronger.

35. Trees

If you love nature, get clicked in the middlke of nature’s beauty. Get the soothing feeling that you wanted since forever with the essence of love.

36. Desert

If you are not a fan of beaches or mountains, then this is the best option for you. A desert can be fun as well as romantic.

37. Spreading Love

This is one one the best ideas for the shoot. Click some candid shots with some people around you. You can also get clicked beside a ghat with sadhu babas.

38. Telephone Booth

Use a old telephone booth as a prop for a romantic shoot.

39. Vintage Villa

The beauty of monuments can add a royal touch to your pre-wedding shoot. Your romantic poses in some classy outfit will just steal everyone’a heart.

40. Bridge Camp

Such a beautiful shot it is…..isn’t it?

41. Seaside

Walk along a beach with your partner get capture the beautiful moments.

42. Bathtub

This will be a completely unique idea for your photoshoot.

43. A special date

Relive your first date with your partner and capture it in your wedding memories. Ad some of the moments of that first meet where you both didn’t know much about each other.

44. Black & White

If you love the classic black and white theme, then this idea is for you. Swim into the black and white ink and spread your love in a classic way.

45. Boat

Getting clicked in a boat with your soulmate will be the perfect idea for your pre-wedding shoot. Have your saree swing in the air and feel the love of this really romantic option.

46. Beach

If you want to keep your shoot simple yet classy choose a beautiful beach location and spend your day sunbathing watching the sunset.


I apologize.  If you came to this post expecting 51 shoot ideas… I don’t have exactly that many right now.  I’m always adding new ideas and taking off old ones.  But I’m going to keep this post up-to-date (I have 46 right now—April 17, 2020). I’ll keep updating this post so we eventually get to 51.

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